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16th Annual County General Services Association Conference Presentations!

Below are links to the Pillars of Greatness Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Session 01 – Affordable HousingJody Mays, Marc McDonald, Ryan Wiggins
Session 02 – Procurement Best Practices for Construction & General Services SupportJack Pellegrino, Cliff Chroust
Session 03 – Commissioning Close Out MobileCeleste Manolas, Jorge Torres Coto
Session 04 – CUPCCAA – PurchasingWill Clemens
Session 05 – ZNE SolarMindi Nunes, Terry Vernon
Session 06 – Taking Customer Service to the Next Level v3Caroline Judy, Arnold DeGuzman,
Joe Paiva
Session 07 – P3 Project Delivery Charley Marchesano, Mike
McNerney, Brent Schertzer,
Alberto Lemus, Carlos Gonzalez,
Will Gorham
Session 08 – MindfulnessMegan Prager
Session 09 – NetZero for EBDan Mendonsa
Session 10 – Implementing New TechnologiesPamela Asselmeier, Ben Wilson
Session 11 – Facility AssessmentsSergio Rodriquez, Rob Harris
Session 12 – LEAP OverviewBetsy Swanson Hollinger
Session 13 – Security InitiativesKen Frederiksen, Tony Mitchell, Krista Ellis
Session 14 – Fleet Facility ConstructionJohn Manring
Session 15 – Transitioning to ZNECharley Marchesano, Susan Freed, Randy Britt, Jenny Whitson
Session 16 – Fuel Saving Technologies for your FleetRocky Buoy, Robert Hammond,
Duncan Curd
Session 17 – Emergency Services WorkshopBenjamin Matray, Chris Godley,
Peter O’Brien
Session A – Strategic Planning WorkshopCaroline Judy, David Sasek,
Sommer Kehrli, Nanct Hetrick
Session B – Continuum of Care in Behavioral HealthBrenda Epperly, Ken Harms,
Ron Nelson, Gary Retel
2019 CCAEA Project Awards Lunch