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General Services Conference
Originally known as The Academy, the General Services Conferences are amazing events.  The General Services Conferences draw professionals from California and Nevada, together, to enjoy conversing with others having similar interests.  In addition to meeting with your counter-parts, the General Services Conference provides break out sessions with something for everyone.  Professionals, all willing to help each other, provide detailed presentations on all of the aspects faced in County Government today.  While the details below provide links to documents from past conferences, nothing beats coming in person!

General Services Conference XV
April 11, 12, 13            
Santa Rosa
Details are coming together for our upcoming conference.  Check Back Soon!!Program Draft
Conference DetailsRegistration Form
General Services Conference XIV
April 24, 25, 26, 2017
Conference Details

Sponsors and Exhibitors
A Different Kind of Cool - Jack GallagherPresentation Supplement
Search Inside Yourself - Brandon RennelsSIY 45 Minutes
SIY Half Day
The Mind Rules: Master 3 Powerful Principles that Rule your Performance, Success and Happiness - John ZulliPresentation
SMART Counties - Sonoma County, INSIGHT Group and CISCOPresentation 1
Presentation 2
Update on CUPCCAA and Conversation with Commissioner - San Luis ObispoPresentation
Manufactured Again, Certification Program for Fleet  - MERA / CummingsPresentation
A Model for Collaboration among County Agencies: Sonoma County Adult Detention Behavioral Health Unit - Sonoma County, DLR Group and KitchellPresentation 1
Presentation 2
Professional Development:  Multi-Focused Approach to Succession Planning - Solano CountyPresentation
Working Tool
Professional Development:  Behavioral Interviewing Techniques - Solano CountyPresentation
Anatomy of an RFP -  Solano CountyPresentation
Net Zero - The "Buzz" Words and the Future - City of Santa Monica, Arcadis, HGA and Callison RTKLPresentation
Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (STEPS) - UC Davis STEPS TeamSTEPS 1    Evolution of Biofuels
STEPS 2    New Technology for Heavy Fleets
STEPS 3     Low Carbon Fuels
ADA Compliance Topics for 2017 - Disability Access ConsultantsPresentation
Real Estate Challenges and Innovative Solutions - Sacramento CountyPresentation 1
Presentation 2
Green Building Programs - Sonoma CountyPresentation
General Services Conference XIII
April 4, 5, 6, 2016
Conference Details
Lean Six Sigma
Electric Vehicle Deployment - Best Practices for Effective Results and EV Infrastructure - The ADA/Accessibility Challenge - Alameda and SonomaPresentation
Climate Actions, Beyond Operations - AlamedaPresentation
Centralized SB854 Reporting and Decentralized Management of Modular Office System Installation - ButtePresentation
E Procurement and Reverse Auctions - SacramentoPresentation
Correctional Medical Facilities Lawsuits - KitchellPresentation
Exploring the Myths & Misconceptions of GPS Fleet Tracking for Government Fleets - GPS InsightPending
Highland Hospital Acute Tower Replacement Project - Alameda County & Vanir Construction ManagementPresentation
Echowater Project Overview - SacramentoPresentation
The Technician Shortage:  How Fleet Managers are growing the Technicians of the Future - Contra Costa and the City of San JosePresentation
Water Conservation Cooling Tower Design & Construction - San DiegoPresentation
ADA Compliance - Butte CountyPresentation
Best Value Source Selection - San DiegoPresentation
Active Shooter & Providing Safe and Secure Facilities - Vanir Construction ManagementPending
General Services Conference XII
April 8, 9, 10, 2015
San Diego
Program and ScheduleProgram   Supplimental Program
Construction Management at Risk Workshop - KitchellPresentation
Comprehensive Strategic Facility Planning Workshop:  Giving Your Board 20/20 Vision for the Future - Kevin Carruth, CSA Director, Retired, Santa Clara, and San DiegoPresentation
Innovative Fleet Best Practices - Sacramento, San Diego and Santa BarbaraSacramento
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Electric Vehicles:  Infrastructure and Accessibility - San Diego and SonomaSan Diego
Creating a Culture of Safety - San DiegoPresentation
Sustainability, Operations and Innovation - Alameda and CannonDesignAlameda
Do You Know Where Your Assets Are? - Latitude 33Presentation
When in Drought, Every Drop Counts - San Diego, Sonoma, VenturaSan Diego
Ventura 1      Ventura 2
Net Zero Energy and Other Energy Challenges - San DiegoPresentation
Improving Transition from Construction to Operations - San DiegoPresentation
Building Your EOC's Logistics Dream Team - ButtePresentation
This is not a Drill: Napa Earthquake - Napa, Solano and SonomaPresentation
Internet of Things (lot) - IBMPresentation
Photos of the Waterfront Park TourPhoto
General Services Conference XI
April 2, 3 & 4, 2014
San Diego
General ProgramProgram
Program ScheduleSchedule
Attendees with Email AddressessAttendees
Construction Management At Risk - KitchellPresentation
Engaging Local & Small Business thru Collaboration - SacramentoPresentation
CM at Risk & D/B - Choosing the Right Delivery Method - PanelIntroduction
Power Through Collaboration:  Regional Procurement Inittiatives - AlamedaPresentation
Navigating the World of CAFM/CMMS - PanelPresentation
ABC's of EOC, or:  Congratulations, You're the Logistics Chief! - City of Santa RosaPresentation
DISC - Personal Assessment Tool - San DiegoPresentation
Twist on DB Project Delivery - Combining Bridging / Criteria Architect & CM on 1 Team - PanelPresentation
Best Fleet Practices - Award Winning Tips and Best Practices - PanelPresentation San Bernardino
Presentation - San Diego
Facilities Effectiveness Model - Beyond Facility Condition Assessments - PanelPresentation
Priming the Pump for EV's:  Moving Beyond the Barriers to Electric Charging Infastructure Deployment - SonomaPresentation
Always on Through Antcipating Facility Issues - PanelPresentation
Automated Solutions for GSA Customers - VenturaPresentation Pending
In-House Methods for Monitoring Utility Utilization - PanelPresentation
Making it Through Partering with Other Departments - ButtePresentation
Smart Building Program - San DiegoPresentation - Section 1
Presentation - Section 2
Making Shared Services Work for your Bottom Line - SonomaPresentation
General Services Conference X
April, 2013
Santa Rosa
General ProgramProgram
Attendees with Email AddressessAttendees
Centralization vs Decentralization and Center Led Procurement - Butte CountyPresentation
e-Procurement: Advantages, Disadvantages and Lesson Learned - Sacramento CountyPresentation
EV Readiness for Your County Fleet - Sonoma CountyPresentation
Facilities Planning - The New Normal - Sonoma CountyPresentation
Recalibrating Realignment - Sonoma CountyPresentation
Trifecta!  Sustainability Cuts Cost - Sonoma CountyPresentation

- Alameda
- City of Santa Rosa
- Kern
- Los Angeles (COS)
- Los Angeles (EMD)
- Mendocino
- Placer
- Sacramento
- San Diego
- San Luis Obispo
- San Mateo
- Santa Cruz
- Solano
- Sonoma
- Ventura
- Yolo

General Services Academy IX
October, 2011
Santa Rosa
General ProgramProgram
List of AttendeesAttendees
Chanel Naming Report - Alameda CountyChannel Naming Report
City and County Collaboration - Panel Sonoma County / City of Santa RosaCity / County Collaboration
Energy & Sustainability:  Internal Collaboration to Save Energy & Money - Sonoma CountyInnovations in Service Delivery
Innovations & Partnership in Fleet Operations - Sonoma CountyInnovations in Fleet Operations
Innovation in Radio Interoperability - Alameda & Sonoma CountiesRadio Interoperability
Leadership & Change Management - Keynote Speaker - Keith Woods, CEO, North Coast Builders ExchangePresentation
National Emergency Communications Plan - Alameda CountyPlan Presentation
Regional Climate Collaboration - Sonoma CountySonoma County Story
Regional Collaboration in Procurement of PV Systems - Santa Clara CountyProcurement of PV Systems
Energy Independence Program & Energy Upgrade California - Sonoma CountySonoma County Energy Independence Program
Preventative Maintenance:  How Much Can You Afford - Nevada County Preventative Maintenance

General Services Academy VII
October, 2010
Santa Rosa
Effective Safety Strategies - Sacramento CountySafety Strategies
Building a Positive Safety Culture - Sacramento CountyPositive Safety Culture
Print, Mail, and Scan Center Methods - Tulare CountyCentral Services Methods
Building Consensus Among Diverse Stakeholders - Sonoma CountyBuilding Consensus
Asset Management - San Diego CountyAsset Management
Capital Projects Delivery Methods - Santa Clara CountyCapital Projects Deliver
Building on a Landfill - Santa Barbara CountyBuilding on a Landfill
The San Diego Story:  Enterprise Content Management - San Diego CountyEnterprise Content Management
Competitive Fleet Services - San Diego CountyFleet
Purchasing Maverick Spending - Sacramento CountyMaverick Spending