County General Services Association


Awards Program
At the General Services Conferences, three winners (individual or team) are selected from the CGSA member counties’ nominees who best model the high standards set by the two founders of the County General Services Association, Duane Leib and Dave Kronberg, who personified the kind of professional excellence and selfless dedication desired in county General Services employees.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Mike Lango in Solano County.

The Awards Have Increased to $500 for First Place, $350 for Second Place and $200 for Third Place

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Nominations Due February 26!!!

Academy XIV - 2017
WinnerAwardContribution / Photo
Rocky Buoy - San Luis Obispo Fleet Manager1st Place - $500
Christopher Ramierez - Ventura County Business Support Services Manager2nd Place - $350
TJ Cowles - Butte County Capital Improvement Project Manager3rd Place - $100
Ventura County Fleet Operations Team:
Pete Bednar, Jorge Bonilla, Dena Dawson, Cherri Francis, Stephen Furman, Roland Houben, Rod Lohof, Joel Miller, Eileen Ozawa
Team Award
Darcie Pillsbury and the Sacramento TeamFirst Ever For
Event Management
Academy XIII - 2016
Dave Daly - Solano County Airport Manager1st Place / $500Exemplary and outstanding leadership in managing the Nut Tree Airport which has resulted in adoption of the Airport Master Plan and the Airport Busienss Plan to effectively support aviation activites and expand economic develoopment opportunities.  In addition, the excellent managemt of the Aiport operations has resulted in $1.8m in increaed revenues to support the Airport Enterprise Find
Daniel Narayan - Sacramento County Facility Manager2n Place / $350Exemplary and outstanding creativity, innovation, and support in the design and implementation of a Computer Assisted Facility Managmenet Program, which saved over $200,000 in consultant fees and produced a comprehensive consolidated database for planning, budgeting, and reporting capital projects and facilities related information.
The team consists of  (left to right): Erin Borzage - Capital Improvement Project Manager, Jaime Decker - Senior Account Clerk, Amber Brousseau - Administrative Analyst, Debbie Heath - Contracts/Procurement Agent, Senior, Jennifer Wilson - Capital Improvement Project Manager and Samantha Skinner - Contracts/Procurement Agent.3rd Place / $100Exemplory and outstanding service to improve communications and build team-oriented working relationships, which resulted in improved employee morale, productivity and a solution focused work environment.
Chris Mitic, Sacraemento County Real Estate SpecialistHonerable MentionProfessional property management services and exceptional customer service.
Gabriel Vasquez, Sacramento County Stationary EngineerHonerable MentionExemplary creativity in development of a Fleet Communications System resulting in improved productivity, tracking and efficiency.
Deborah Vaughn, Sacramento County Contract Services SpecialistHonerable MentionOutstanding Customer Service, always willing to go abvoe and beyond to support County departments.
Academy XII - 2015
Scan Center Team
1st Place / $300Implementation of a Digitized Business Reply Mail Solution for the Ventura County Human Services Agency which cut processing time of 4.2 million images annually by a third, at a rate of 500,000 per month, producing an annual savings of $2 million in labor costs.
John Dito
Real Estate Officer II
2nd Place / $200Exemplary Customer service and exceptional professionalism in managing the Sacramento County Real Estate Division's Wireless Telecommunications program, which manages 37 active wireless sites, and completing 14 new agreements, 9 amendments and over $24 millioin in new revenue for the public agencies supported.
Grounds Team
3rd Place / $100Implementation of a tractor drawn and below grade / drip automated irrigation system that cut labor costs associated with watering and saves in execess of 2.75 million gallsons of water annually.
In Addition, the Following Received an Honorable Mention:
- Barry Brun, Senior Contract Services Officer, Sacramento
- Chris Mitic, Real Estate Specialist, Sacramento
- Frank Mendez, Facilities Security Operations Supervisor, Sacramento
- Robert Stanley, Stationary Engineer II, Sacramento
Academy XI - 2014
Amber Butler
Accounting Officer IV
1st Place / $300Improvements to motor pool reporting resulting in $40,000 savings and for service as leader of the Ecova Transition Team, bringing County utilities into a single web-based management/payment system, resulting in $95,000 savings
Keith Hanson
Real Estate Manager
2nd Place / $200Exceptional efforts to effectively manage County real estate activities in a complex and politically sensitive environment that realized $717,501 in new revenues and $497,000 in anual cost savings
David Sutcliffe
Chief Storekeeper
3rd Place / $100Leadership in implementing an automated parts tracking and charging system, resulting in improved management of Fleet Services Division, considerable cost savings, improved efficiencies and a reduction of service downtime by 40%
In Addition, the Following Received an Honorable Mention:
- Doug Bond, Transportation Services Manager, Alameda
- Phillip Kobernick, Sustainability Specialist, Alamdea
- Nadia Lopez, Engineer Tech II, Kern
- Jeffrey Laleway, Associate Mechanical Engineer, Sacramento
- Thomas Fincher, Chief of Project Management, San Diego
- Ron Dizon, Support Services Manager, Sacramento
- Andy Jain, Energy Program Manager, San Mateo
- Carol Cox, Supervising Buyer, Kern
- Kern County General Services Animal Services Relocation Project Team, Kern
Academy IX - 2011
Carl Crain
Senior Contract Officer
1st Place / $300Implementation of a web based surplus sales system improving efficiency/increasing revenue
Kanon Artiche
County Architect
2nd Place / $200Directing design/construction of one million sf and securing $65 million in grant funding
Teresa Barrett
Custodial Manager
3rd Place / $100 Leadership in providing exceptional customer service and continuous improvement efforts
Liz Yager
Energy & Sustainability Manager
Honorable MentionManagement of an energy savings programs/green initiatives and securing over $50 million in funding
Jeff Redlitz
Project Manager
San Diego
Honorable MentionLead role in redevelopment of 35 acre multi-phase project to consolidate departments
Jere Jordan
Equipment Mechanic
Honorable MentionProfessionalism in customer service with excellence and enthusiasm
Glenn Hemme
Project Manager
Honorable MentionManagement of energy projects resulting in cost savings
Leadership Development Team
Alameda - 10 Individual Awards
Honorable MentionLeadership development is a “bottom-up” identification of strategic issues to promote and advance professional development and training opportunities for General Services employees